Top 5 Chatbot Platforms

In the previous article, we have discussed about how chat bots will benefit you as a business or website owner. After reading that article, some have personally come back to ask us where can they find or start building their own personalised chat bots. To be honest, we are very happy to receive such feedback because it shows that you (the reader) is ready to take advantage on the power of virtual assistants to grow your business. So the question now is:

What chat bot should you use?

To answer the above question, we have compiled a collection of top 5 chat bot platforms. Each has its own unique feature set. By the end of this article, you will know which one suits your business best.


  1. BotEngine

With BotEngine you can design any chatbot you like and integrate it with any apps or services that you want. You will find that bot creation is quite easy using BotEngine because you can make use of existing template and customize it by dragging and dropping responses and actions to compose various bot’s answers. You can also decide it’s behaviour as well.


Once you are done with initial bot creation or “scenario”, you may use the customizable chat widget to add the bot to your website or you may choose from many available platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, LiveChat and to integrate with it.

You can also automate reputable parts of your customer help by adding BotEngine to the third-party live chat services.

Another good thing with BotEngine is that you can train your bot on daily basis by utilizing the training tool powered by the machine learning to include unrecognized queries in your “scenario”. The bots that you have designed can also communicate with external services so you can now send the collected data directly to your CRM and database.

Here is the“Menu” bot training sample scenario:

Here is how the final chat bots perform in real time :


  1. Clare.AI

If you are running a human resource or online banking website, then you are in luck! That’s because Clare.AI algorithm is trained to respond to FAQs, arranging appointments, conduct internal inquiries for IT and HR, and assist clients to control their finances via their favourite messaging apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, FB Messenger etc. The best thing with this bot is that it is capable of illustrating the clients how they’ve spent their money through a chart.


How awesome is that?

Click here if you want to see Clare.AI in action!



  1. NanoRep

Similar to the previous chat bot which we have discussed previously, NanoRep also function as an excellent customer service bot which is capable of handling any issues that may arise no matter if a client wants to track an order or book a flight. Unlike many other customer service chat bots, NanoRep is not limited to predefined scripts and it delivers context-based answers. This allows the chatbot to give real-time responses based on the following:

  • The client’s status (free, bronze, gold)
  • The client’s current location
  • The type of device the target client is using
  • The kind of product the client wants to obtain information about

Through its smart-channeling capabilities, it can direct clients to relevant third-party channels for assistance with ease. At the same time, it can also deploy intent classification that only requires small training sets.  NanoRep is a great platform to consider especially for business owners. In the USA, Forrester included NanoRep among its top ten chatbots for enterprise customer service.


  1. Botsify

If you are somebody who have zero knowledge about programming, then Botsify is an excellent choice for you! It is a “simple-to-integrate” AI chatbot that lets you forget about programming. You can design customized templates in just a few clicks by using a drag-and-drop interface.

Before responding to any enquiries, the chatbot compares user queries such as names or website address against its knowledge base. Most of the time the bots can provide satisfactory answer.  But what if it fails to meet expectations? In this case, you can solve this issue by identifying questions the chatbot has failed to handle and teach it new things over time. Botsify also understands that chatbots can’t be 100 percent accurate all the time so the company allows a human agent take over chats anytime. Isn’t this sound cool to you?


  1. Morph.AI

This is the final chat bot platform that we highly recommend.  Morph.AI is an AI-powered chatbot and it works across multiple messengers, websites, Android and iOS apps. Similar to other chatbot platforms, allows you to automate up to 70% of your customer support. Most importantly, it is able to integrate with your existing CRM and support tools while learning new queries and responses over time.  To enrich your conversation experience, you can also add cards, carousels and quick replies. Basically Morph.AI looks like this:

For your information, Morph.AI is still a work in progress and the company promises integration with Salesforce, Smooch, Zendesk, and Hubspot in the near future.


What can I expect from an AI chatbot?

In this modern era, people want quick answers and information from customer service agents without going through unnecessary hassle. In this regard, AI chatbots can meet client’s expectations of how customer service should operate – providing fast and immediate response.

These chat bots serve as your virtual assistants and can make the customer service experience efficient when implemented well.  Based on experience, these virtual assistants can resolve up to 80% of chat sessions, which is considered very good by today’s standards. You see, once people are getting comfortable to dealing with chat bots, there will be a huge demand for them and soon widespread adoption will start to happen in every parts of the world.


So, what are you waiting for? Make a good decision right now for the growth of your business today!


*Latest 2019 updates:

Based on our latest research and observation, Collect Chat and Tars Chatbot do the same work equally as good as Botsify and the rest of the gang.

Most importantly, both choices above are user-friendly and lightweight on your wallet 🙂

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Make the switch to great hosting today!

Enjoy a risk-free trial with our 30-day money-back guarantee!

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