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A great domain name helps you build your brand and lets people find you online easily. Our domain plans include Free DNS Management, Unlimited Email Forwarding and much more to give you absolute value for money. There are plenty of domain extensions to choose from too, plus these useful features:

Free DNS Management

Manage your DNS records, website location, email, sub-domains, aliases and more, easily. You will also benefit from better security and improved uptime.

Domain Theft Protection

Save yourself the hassle of financial losses and frustration by keeping your domain name locked to protect it against unauthorised transfer requests without permission.

Domain Forwarding

Channel visitors to your website of choice when they enter your domain name into a browser. This will help you build online presence and domain authority.

Bulk Tools

Make changes to domain settings such as renewal, account transfers, edit nameservers, enable or disable a multitude of functions – all without hassle, in a single step.

WHOIS ID Protection

Protect your personal information on WHOIS database from prying eyes of spammers, scammers and data harvesters. It’ll only cost you RM12.90/year.

Domain Rates

The price is based on an annual subscription.
.com RM70 RM70 RM70
.net RM70 RM70 RM70
.org RM70 RM70 RM70
RM80 RM80 RM80
RM120 RM120 RM120
RM80 RM80 RM80
RM80 RM80 RM80
RM100 RM100 RM100
RM100 RM100 RM100
.academy RM180 RM180 RM180
.art RM80 RM80 RM80
.asia RM75 RM75 RM75
.blog RM150 RM150 RM150
.biz RM110 RM110 RM110
.bz RM160 RM160 RM160
.cafe RM210 RM210 RM210
.cc RM130 RM130 RM130
.chat RM220 RM220 RM220
.church RM220 RM220 RM220
.cloud RM120 RM120 RM120
.cn RM130 RM130 RM130 RM130 RM130 RM130 RM130 RM130 RM130
.co RM180 RM180 RM180
.company RM90 RM90 RM90
.design RM290 RM290 RM290
.digital RM210 RM210 RM210
.email RM160 RM160 RM160
.finance RM330 RM330 RM330
.games RM170 RM170 RM170
.global RM420 RM420 RM420
.group RM160 RM160 RM160
.holdings RM350 RM350 RM350
.in RM80 RM80 RM80 RM40 RM40 RM40
.info RM160 RM160 RM160
.institute RM180 RM180 RM180
.international RM160 RM160 RM160
.la RM180 RM180 RM180
.life RM170 RM170 RM170
.live RM180 RM180 RM180
.limited RM170 RM170 RM170
.love RM165 RM165 RM165
.me RM200 RM200 RM200
.media RM210 RM210 RM210
.mobi RM200 RM200 RM200
.name RM50 RM50 RM50
.network RM210 RM210 RM210
.news RM170 RM170 RM170
.online RM195 RM195 RM195
.photos RM150 RM150 RM150
.plus RM170 RM170 RM170
.press RM400 RM400 RM400
.pro RM200 RM200 RM200
.property RM800 RM800 RM800
.rocks RM110 RM110 RM110
.services RM190 RM190 RM190
.shop RM180 RM180 RM180
.site RM180 RM180 RM180
.space RM140 RM140 RM140
RM170 RM170 RM170
RM140 RM140 RM140
RM170 RM170 RM170
RM170 RM170 RM170
.software RM200 RM200 RM200
.solutions RM140 RM140 RM140
.store RM300 RM300 RM300
.studio RM 220 RM 220 RM 220
.team RM180 RM180 RM180
.tech RM300 RM300 RM300
.tv RM200 RM200 RM 200
.tw RM150 RM150 RM150 RM150 RM150 RM150
.uk RM45 RM45 RM45 RM280 RM280 RM280 RM110 RM110 RM110 RM110 RM110 RM110
.university RM350 RM350 RM350
.us RM55 RM55 RM55 RM130 RM130 RM130
.vip RM85 RM85 RM85
.works RM180 RM180 RM180
.world RM210 RM210 RM210
.ws RM160 RM160 RM160
Country Level Domain Name is for residences residing or companies incorporated in the specific country only.
Minimum years for and is 2 years.
Domain registration and renewal fees are strictly non-refundable.
WHOIS ID Protection is only available for certain TLDs. Note that ccTLDs (.my/.sg/.id and etc) and .asia does not allow WHOIS ID Protection.
All prices are in Ringgit Malaysia. One month is a 30-day time period.

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Got questions?

  • You can’t. / / / .sg are only available to Singaporeans and Singaporean Businesses.

  • No. is for Malaysian educational organisations only.

  • Companies and individuals can apply to register for this extension. Please provide us with your Company Registration Name and Company Registration Number. Organisations formed pursuant to the Business Registration Act 1956, Companies Act 1965 and Legal Profession Act 1976, are not required to submit hard copies of supporting documents for domain registration unless specifically requested. For personal registration, kindly submit your Full Name and NRIC No.

  • It should take 1-5 days to complete depending on the registrar. Your domain will remain active during the domain transfer process.

    1. Make sure your domain is unlocked.
    2. Please request the EPP/Authorisation code from your provider.
    3. Ensure that the admin email address for the domain is your correct email (this is because you will need to approve the domain transfer once we initiate it).
    4. Please make sure that WHOIS ID Protection is disabled.
    5. Please make sure that your domain name has not been registered/renewed in the last 60 days.
  • We do not charge any fee for domain transfer. However, you’ll need to pay the Renewal Fee to transfer the domain name to us.

  • Yes, you can transfer it to us. Transferring your Domain Name will add one year to its current expiry date. You will be charged a 1-year fee for it.

    Do ensure that:

    1. Your domain has not expired.
    2. Your Domain Name must be at least 60 days old. You cannot transfer a Domain Name if it has been registered in the last 60 days. Please check your Domain Name creation date by typing
  • Yes, you can. After purchasing the domain from us, you’ll just need to point the domain to your hosting provider.

  • We will register your domain once your payment has been cleared into our bank account.

    For domain registration made during working days, from Monday to Saturday (9.00 am – 6.30 pm), your domain registration will be processed on the same day and be activated in less than an hour. However, you’ll need to allow 24- 48 hours for domain propagation.

    For MYNIC ( and .my) domain registrations, it is subject to approval and will normally take 1 – 2 working days.