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WHOIS ID Protection 

The information you provide during domain registration is required by law to be made public. Problem is, it is visible through the widely used and publicly accessible WHOIS database, leaving your name, address and contact details vulnerable to hackers, spammers, fraudsters, identity thieves and cybercriminal of all sorts. 

Having WHOIS ID Protection means keeping confidential information away from prying eyes.

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Why use WHOIS ID Protection?

ICANN requires updated personal and contact information to be displayed to confirm website ownership, but this can also put you at risk. To protect your personal data, effective domain privacy is the way to go.

Your personal information is safe 24/7/365

WHOIS ID Protection hides your personal details, allowing the public to only see anonymous information, hence protecting your identity from any potential abuse.

No more spam and junk mail

Keep your inbox from being swamped with ridiculous offers, unwanted newsletters and unsolicited email from persistent spammers and telemarketers.

RM12.90 per year, per domain

All the benefits of domain protection and complete peace of mind for an average of 4 Sen a day. Surely you can see that this is a great deal!

WHOIS ID Protection fee is strictly nonrefundable.
For enquiries, please contact us.
You do agree to our terms of service available.
To order WHOIS ID Protection for existing domains, please follow the guide.
WHOIS ID Protection is only available for certain TLDs. Note that ccTLDs (.my/.sg/.id and etc) and .asia does not allow WHOIS ID Protection.

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Got questions?

  • Information provided during domain registration is required by law to be made public and is visible through the WHOIS database. This leaves personal details vulnerable to cybercriminal of all sorts. Having WHOIS ID Protection means keeping confidential information safe and secure.

  • One can find the contact information associated with a person or company that has registered a particular domain name. This will include name, address and email address of the domain owner and organisation, the registration dates, the name servers, the most recent update and the expiration date. 

  • It’s an international requirement. Valid contact information must be available for every domain name and it has to be accessible worldwide. 

  • It maintains privacy of your domain by providing valid proxy contact information without exposing your personal details for the world to see. It also helps to reduce spam. 

  • Spammers actively seek out contact details  – addresses, telephone numbers and especially email addresses – for their malicious activities. With ID Protection, these will no longer be publicly viewable on the WHOIS database.