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VPS and cPanel delivers the best of both worlds, combining highly reliable and secure hosting with effortless website management.
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5-Star Reviews at Google and Facebook

Super responsive support and technical assistance.

I have been with ServerFreak for more than 10 years now, using their managed services and I must say it has been a wonderful journey so far. No downtime (at least that I can recall of), no issues with server being compromised, super responsive support and technical assistance ... great peace of mind. What more can anyone ask for especially for SMEs/ small businesses? I have not used any other server / hosting company - but then again, I don't need to as for the price and package I’m paying, I think it’s a super service in return. Keep it up team ServerFreak!
Ravivarma Sanmugam
Ravivarma Sanmugam

More power and more features, regardless of plan!

Our services are bundled with features designed for your convenience.

Fully Managed

Let us manage your server so you can focus on your business and website.

Unmatched DDoS protection

Data-center-level protection keeps your resources and data safe in case of an attack, and prevents service interruptions.

Malaysian data centers

Enjoy better connectivity with our Tier 3 data centers in Cyberjaya and Kuala Lumpur.

Acronis Backup

The best Cloud backup and recovery software available to ensure the safety and availability of your data.

Uptime guarantee

We assure you that all our web servers have an average monthly uptime of 99% or higher. Once your server’s up, we take every effort to keep it up!

24/7/365 support

All-day support for your infrastructure and apps so that you can always rely on great speed and uptime.

Why choose cPanel Server?

You can enjoy the stability, reliability and dedicated resources that you get with VPS hosting combined with the absolute convenience, simplicity and control of cPanel!

Developers and system administrators will love this!

Full control over your hosting environment plus a host of performance options and flexibility in managing server settings. And just like cloud hosting, you can scale resources instantly when necessary.
Websites Worldwide
5-Star Reviews
years in business

cPanel powered

The most popular web hosting control panel for managing your hosting account, complete with a rich set of features to make website and server management super easy.

SSD SAN storage with HA

Up to 300% faster access to your files and databases compared to non-SSD hosting providers! Besides the ultra-speed advantage, there’s the much welcome reliability and durability factor.

Completely scalable

Start small and work your way up. You can resize your server up or down at any time, seamlessly on demand without worrying about glitches or downtimes.


Get started with ServerFreak High-Performance cPanel VPS!
Awesome Features
Technical Features


Our plan comes with a cPanel Solo license, allowing for a single account to be created. cPanel Cloud Admin licenses and above are available as options.

Dedicated IP

Get root-level access to the server so you can manage various server properties including files and software.

High Availability (HA)

Enjoy continuous uptime as our system will continue to function even in the unlikely event of a component failure.

Managed DNS

Free yourself from time-consuming administrative tasks and the constant worry of downtimes or security.


Let your web hosting environment grow to support the growth of your website by upgrading resources as and when you need them.

Strategic Data Center Location

With data centers closer to your customers, you can expect improved network performance and lower latency.



  • CPU2 vCPU
  • Memory4GB Memory
  • Ultra Fast SSD50GB SSD SAN Storage with HA
  • Data Transfer1,000GB Monthly Data Transfer


  • CPU3 vCPU
  • Memory6GB Memory
  • Ultra Fast SSD100GB SSD SAN Storage with HA
  • Data Transfer2,000GB Monthly Data Transfer

Business Pro

  • CPU4 vCPU
  • Memory8GB Memory
  • Ultra Fast SSD200GB SSD SAN Storage with HA
  • Data Transfer3,000GB Monthly Data Transfer


  • TickcPanel Cloud Admin (5) – RM70/month
  • TickDirectAdmin License(Unlimited Domains) – Free

All prices are in Ringgit Malaysia. One month is a 30-day time period.

Make the switch to great hosting today!

Enjoy a risk-free trial with our 30-day money-back guarantee!

24/7/365 peace of mind,
standard with every plan

Got questions?

  • Of course you can! We will guide you when you need assistance in this.  

  • If you need Linux VPS, you can consider Cloud Server hosting instead.

  • You can choose to be billed monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. 

  • We monitor server performance via Nagios from our end.

  • We are, and we have a highly-experienced team to ensure that all our servers are performing at their best.

  • Any software that is not conflicting with cPanel, Webserver, Database, email service and FTP service that are installed by default are supported.

  • The servers are currently located within our Malaysian data centers. 

  • Yes you do. You have complete control of your server and can easily make configurations to suit your needs.