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    Domain Name


    • You’re right, many hosting companies can offer you impressive hardware architecture, a dizzying array of features and plugins, plus great value for your money. But we go the extra mile to top it all off with the best possible service you can expect from a hosting provider.

      Experience it for yourself and you’ll see that you can’t put a price on that.

    • Yes, you can. You’ll just need to login to our client area and click on the upgrade/downgrade button.

      Downgrade option is only available once your current subscription expires (during your renewal date). However, you can upgrade at any time and our system will auto-calculate the difference in charges to top up.

    • If you will be running ASP or .NET, FrontPage, Access, MSSQL or any of the other Microsoft proprietary technologies, you will need to purchase Windows Hosting. However, if you only need to run PHP programming languages like WordPress, then you’ll just need to subscribe to WordPress Hosting.

      Please note that you DO NOT need to purchase Windows Hosting just because you are using Windows operating system on your computer. Whatever operating system you use on your desktop has no impact on your choice of hosting platform.

    • cPanel and DirectAdmin are both extremely popular options and both offer easy usability, Linux support and free SSL, among other shared features. The differences lie in range of functionality, complexity of the user interface and prices.

      We offer both options for our customers to consider, based on their personal preferences.

    • You can’t. / / / .sg are only available to Singaporeans and Singaporean Businesses.

    • No. is for Malaysian educational organisations only.

    • Companies and individuals can apply to register for this extension. Please provide us with your Company Registration Name and Company Registration Number. Organisations formed pursuant to the Business Registration Act 1956, Companies Act 1965 and Legal Profession Act 1976, are not required to submit hard copies of supporting documents for domain registration unless specifically requested. For personal registration, kindly submit your Full Name and NRIC No.

    • It should take 1-5 days to complete depending on the registrar. Your domain will remain active during the domain transfer process.

      1. Make sure your domain is unlocked.
      2. Please request the EPP/Authorisation code from your provider.
      3. Ensure that the admin email address for the domain is your correct email (this is because you will need to approve the domain transfer once we initiate it).
      4. Please make sure that WHOIS ID Protection is disabled.
      5. Please make sure that your domain name has not been registered/renewed in the last 60 days.
    • We do not charge any fee for domain transfer. However, you’ll need to pay the Renewal Fee to transfer the domain name to us.

    • Yes, you can transfer it to us. Transferring your Domain Name will add one year to its current expiry date. You will be charged a 1-year fee for it.

      Do ensure that:

      1. Your domain has not expired.
      2. Your Domain Name must be at least 60 days old. You cannot transfer a Domain Name if it has been registered in the last 60 days. Please check your Domain Name creation date by typing
    • Yes, you can. After purchasing the domain from us, you’ll just need to point the domain to your hosting provider.

    • We will register your domain once your payment has been cleared into our bank account.

      For domain registration made during working days, from Monday to Saturday (9.00 am – 6.30 pm), your domain registration will be processed on the same day and be activated in less than an hour. However, you’ll need to allow 24- 48 hours for domain propagation.

      For MYNIC ( and .my) domain registrations, it is subject to approval and will normally take 1 – 2 working days.

    • Migration process is free only if you’re currently using a cPanel control panel, as it comes built-in with extensive back-up tools. However, note that only accounts that are less than 5GB in size can be migrated using these backup functions. Our Reseller Hosting plans come with 10 free account migrations within the same control panel. All free migrations must be performed within 7 days after account activation.

    • We encourage customers to use our web-based support desk where tickets can be tracked, time stamped and logged. That way we can generate performance reports to support our promise – replying your support tickets within 30 minutes or less!

    • We are not the cheapest web hosting company, yet we’re nowhere near the most expensive one either. What we have is a balance that takes into account our experience, reputation and quality of equipment – and these have proven to be invaluable to our clients. When you get down to comparing each offer on a feature-by-feature basis, and factor in the quality support you’ll receive, it is very hard to beat the value we offer.

    • Additional disk space (or storage) and bandwidth can be added to your account at any time, at reasonable charges. You can email us or open a ticket to request for extra disk space or bandwidth or to simply upgrade your account to a higher plan.

    • No, we don’t! If we find any of these contents in an account, the entire account will be subject to termination. We also forbid our servers to be used to send bulk email or SPAM email.

    • We will set up your hosting account as soon as we receive your payment confirmation, usually within 1 hour, during office hours. Orders received outside office hours will be processed on the same day or on the following business day.

    • Yes, we do accept orders from around the world and we have the full capabilities to serve international clients.

    • Absolutely no hidden costs. All costs are stated clearly on our website. We do not hide fees in fine print or in our Terms of Service pages. The only additional costs you may incur may be due to increased disk space or bandwidth usage. Pricing for such is plainly stated on our website.

    • We accept Internet Banking, Direct Bank-In (Cash and Cheque) and Wire Transfer. We also accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Master Card, Visa Electron, Delta Card and payments processed through MOLPay. MOLPay is our appointed online payment solution provider and “MOLPay” name will be shown on your card statement.

Web Hosting

    WordPress Hosting

    cPanel Hosting

    Reseller Hosting

    • Yes, if you have a small number of products. If you have more than 50 products per site, it is recommended that you use Cloud Hosting to host your WooCommerce for better performance.

    • Free migration is available if your site is < 5GB. Please contact sales[AT] if your site is more than 5GB.

    • Local hosting (Malaysia) will allow for faster loading and less latency as it is hosted in the same country as the website visitor.

    • You can have your website hosted in either Malaysia, Singapore or the United States. We suggest that you choose the location which is closest geographically to where your users will be browsing the website from.

    • No, unfortunately, payments can only be made on an annual basis. An annual plan is also a better idea, cost-wise, as you can expect to enjoy more value by committing to long-term plans.

    • Yes, you can upgrade at any time and there’s no risk. Start with the package that is most affordable, if you’re not sure.

    • You can consider upgrading to a Cloud Server if you need more than 50GB of storage. Alternatively, consider using image optimisation plugins to reduce the size of your images.

    • If you are at that traffic level, we would recommend you go for a higher package to ensure that your website does not slow down when traffic is heavy.

    • You can use all available WordPress plugins and themes. You may browse them through Softaculous or in the WordPress dashboards under the Themes / Plugins section.

    • Free migration is available if your site is < 5GB. Please get in touch via  sales[AT] if your site is more than 5GB.

    • Yes, you get support included together with your cPanel hosting.

    • Only 1 admin can access the cPanel account.

    • Any system/scripts written in PHP, CGI and Perl can run on cPanel.

    • All packages come with Imunify360 for real-time malware scanning and Web Application Firewall.

    • ServerFreak Technologies Sdn. Bhd. is highly reputable and it is among the fastest growing hosting providers in Malaysia. We specialise in providing web hosting solutions for almost all ranges of purposes – personal blogs, email solutions, corporate websites, databases and the list goes on.

    • No, with shared hosting you do not need to pay extra for a license.

    • Softaculous allows you to instantly install a script without any programming knowledge. It simply means that with the click of a mouse, you can have well-known tools such as WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, osCommerce and even a personal gallery.

    • With cPanel, you can administrate your domain(s), install apps, browse files & more.

    • There will be a bill for over usage. To enjoy better value, the best thing to do would be to upgrade to a bigger plan.

    • We do not allow distribution of copyrighted content, sale of pirated goods, unlicensed scripts and pornographic content.

    • ServerFreak will be the server administrator.

    • Yes you can choose any package depending on your requirements.

    • Please contact Sales via email: sales[AT], and we will help you with your requirements. 

Web Server

    Cloud Hosting

    Managed cPanel VPS

    Windows VPS

    Semi-Dedicated Hosting

    Dedicated Hosting

    • Yes, you can always upgrade the CPU, RAM, Storage and Bandwidth at any time. Contact us if you need help with configurations that would suit your needs.

    • Yes, you can upgrade your storage. We have several tiers of storage space for you to choose from.

    • Yes, you can reboot your server from the Client Area.

    • Yes, you can use a GUI for your Cloud Server.

    • No, you are only allowed 1 public IP per 1 Virtual Machine.

    • Yes, internal IP addresses are available upon request.

    • You can request to restore it using snapshot copies that we do every hour. Hourly snapshots are done for free but note that fees apply to requests for restoration using these snapshots.

    • By default, this is an unmanaged service. However, managed services are available as an option for your convenience. 

    • There is no limit to the number of domains you can host.

    • Of course you can! We will guide you when you need assistance in this.  

    • If you need Linux VPS, you can consider Cloud Server hosting instead.

    • You can choose to be billed monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. 

    • We monitor server performance via Nagios from our end.

    • We are, and we have a highly-experienced team to ensure that all our servers are performing at their best.

    • Any software that is not conflicting with cPanel, Webserver, Database, email service and FTP service that are installed by default are supported.

    • The servers are currently located within our Malaysian data centers. 

    • Yes you do. You have complete control of your server and can easily make configurations to suit your needs. 

    • A Virtual Private Server that utilises the Windows Server operating system from Microsoft is known as a Windows VPS. There are multiple versions of Windows Server, with varying levels of system resource usage.

    • The advantages are aplenty, including great customisability, scalability and security with better control, flexibility and access to dedicated resources. 

    • You can run any Windows-compatible application on a Windows VPS, including web servers (such as IIS), mail servers, databases (such as SQL Server) and other custom applications.

    • Managing your Windows VPS can be done through Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or any other remote desktop software, as well as a web-based control panel.

    • The system requirements depend on the specific Windows operating system and the applications you plan to run. Generally, you need at least 2GB of RAM, 20GB of disk space and 1GHz CPU.

    • Yes, you can increase the resources allocated to your server, such as CPU, RAM and disk space.

    • A semi-dedicated server has a higher resource allocation than shared hosting. This makes for a less crowded server as there are less clients in one server.

    • Security precautions include firewall, Imunify360 and Anti-DDOS Protection.

    • No. It’s designed to be simple enough, so no server management skills are required for semi-dedicated hosting.

    • If you want lower costs, less headache and do not require root access, then consider semi-dedicated hosting as an option. Of course though, if you need maximum performance, then having a dedicated server is the way to go.

    • We do. We have trained experts to ensure optimal performance and reliability of our servers at all times. 

    • Yes, you can resell hosting services.

    • Yes, you can run bulk email services with a dedicated server.

    • Yes, we do. By choosing this option, you can free up IT resources and concentrate on building your online presence while we take care of server matters.

    • It can be done within 4 hours on a business day, but may take up to 24 hours depending on availability and unforeseen circumstances.

    • It can be, as we can build a customised hosting plan to suit your needs and budgets.

    • The main benefit is 100% utilisation of hardware resources for better performance.

Web Security


    SSL Certificate

    WHOIS ID Protection 


    • A standalone installation means we are working on per user space. A user space can be created by the admin or by the local control panel cPanel/Direct Admin (account or admin) and Plesk (subscription client or admin).

      Imunify360 treats all these cases the same. So, if there is no control panel involved, the system admin creates a user space in the form of a Linux User on the OS. The definition of user space is available here and it is rather a common Linux term widely known by system admins.

    • DirectAdmin – admin, reseller and user accounts are counted.

    • In cPanel/WHM, the number of users is based on the number of client (i.e. cPanel) accounts on your server/VPS.

    • It will stop working (with error message) until the number of users gets back to 30 or below.

    • The price of Imunify360 starts from RM40 per single user per server.

    • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol used to establish an encrypted and secure connection between a web server and a user’s browser. It ensures that data transmitted between the two remains confidential and protected from unauthorised access.

    • When properly implemented, it is secure. An SSL certificate helps establish a secure connection between a client and a server by encrypting the data transmitted between them.

    • The padlock icon in a browser’s address bar indicates that an SSL certificate is securing the connection. Click on the padlock icon to view more details including validity dates. 

    • Yes, SSL certificates need to be renewed periodically, as they have an expiration date. The validity period varies depending on the certificate type and provider. It is essential to keep track of the certificate’s expiration and renew it before it expires to maintain a secure connection.

    • Yes, SSL certificates should be used with all types of websites, including personal blogs, e-commerce stores, corporate websites and more. It is important to secure all websites to protect user data and ensure a safe browsing experience.

    • While SSL is not mandatory for all websites, it is highly recommended for all types of websites, especially those that handle sensitive information or engage in e-commerce transactions. SSL not only provides security but also improves trust and credibility among visitors.

    • When a user visits an SSL-enabled website, their browser and the server exchange digital certificates to establish a secure connection. These certificates contain cryptographic keys that enable encryption and decryption of data during the session. SSL works by using encryption algorithms to scramble data before it is transmitted and decrypting it upon arrival.

    • Information provided during domain registration is required by law to be made public and is visible through the WHOIS database. This leaves personal details vulnerable to cybercriminal of all sorts. Having WHOIS ID Protection means keeping confidential information safe and secure.

    • One can find the contact information associated with a person or company that has registered a particular domain name. This will include name, address and email address of the domain owner and organisation, the registration dates, the name servers, the most recent update and the expiration date. 

    • It’s an international requirement. Valid contact information must be available for every domain name and it has to be accessible worldwide. 

    • It maintains privacy of your domain by providing valid proxy contact information without exposing your personal details for the world to see. It also helps to reduce spam. 

    • Spammers actively seek out contact details  – addresses, telephone numbers and especially email addresses – for their malicious activities. With ID Protection, these will no longer be publicly viewable on the WHOIS database. 

    • SpamExperts channel emails through intelligent self-learning servers that will detect and block spam before it ever reaches you.

    • Email Archiving includes 10GB of compressed email storage by default. If you need more storage, additional 10GB licenses can be added.

    • It’s a quick, automated process and it will be protecting your emails in a matter of minutes.

    • As a result of processing millions of emails every day, SpamExperts’ email filters have an industry leading rate of close to 100% accuracy.

    • Email Archiving ensures that all your emails are securely stored yet easily accessible when you need them.

    • A comprehensive control panel with log-search, quarantine and many other tools allows you to check the status of any email passing through the system. You will be able to view the blocked messages here. 

Web Services

    AI SEO


    Microsoft 365

    • The advantages include significant time savings, intelligent recommendations, the ability to comprehend customer intent, and support for multiple languages.

    • Yes, our AI Content Generation is equipped with advanced deep learning technology that is able to generate high-quality articles with selectable voice tones.

    • Yes, it generates unique content without direct duplication.

    • LiteSpeed is a high-performance, event-driven web server software designed to improve the speed and efficiency of serving web content. It is a popular alternative to traditional web servers like Apache or NGINX.

    • It is primarily used for serving websites, accelerating web applications and improving page load times.

    • Yes, LiteSpeed Web Server is generally considered to be faster than both Apache and NGINX in certain scenarios and under specific conditions. However, the performance comparison can vary depending on the type of workload, server configuration and the specific use case.

    • Yes, LiteSpeed’s caching capabilities and faster page load times can positively impact your website’s SEO. Search engines often prioritise faster websites and LiteSpeed’s performance optimisations can help improve your search engine rankings.

    • Yes, LiteSpeed can be used by beginners. It provides a user-friendly interface and offers easy-to-use management tools. LiteSpeed also provides comprehensive documentation and support resources to assist new users in getting started.

    • LiteSpeed web server incorporates caching technologies that store static copies of web pages, reducing the load on the server and improving response times. It also optimises the handling of dynamic content, resulting in faster processing and improved scalability.

    • Yes, LiteSpeed Cache is included for free with our shared server hosting plans. It is a powerful caching plugin that helps optimise the performance and speed of your website. LiteSpeed Cache improves page load times, reduces server load and enhances the overall user experience.

    • It is a productivity cloud that combines popular apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint with powerful cloud services, device management and advanced security to deliver a complete and connected experience.

    • Yes, it is included in the Microsoft 365 plan. With the plan, you’ll get a full suite of Microsoft 365 Apps, Windows 11 and Enterprise Mobility + Security in a convenient package.

    • All Microsoft 365 services are available with a 99.9% uptime, financially-backed service guarantee.

    • You can install Microsoft 365 on up to five PCs or Macs, five tablets and five mobile devices. 

    • The apps installed on your PC or Mac such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook are available to you when you’re not online. You can also access stored files via OneDrive and read emails already delivered to your inbox with Outlook.


  • To become a ServerFreak affiliate, firstly you must register with us here.

    Once you have registered, click on the “Affiliates” link on the Top Menu and activate your account by clicking on the “Activate Affiliate Account” button. Once done, you can log into to your Affiliate Area where you can manage and view the details of your earnings.

    You also will be given a Unique Referral Link in order to track the referrals coming from your link.

  • With our Affiliates Programme, you can earn 10% of every web hosting (cPanel Linux Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Windows Hosting and Semi-Dedicated Hosting) that a customer had signed-up through your Unique Referal Link. Our affiliate system will track this sign-up and allocate your commission into your affiliate account.

  • Your Unique Referral Link is the HTML code that will be given to you once you have activated your role as an affiliate with us. This link will allow us to trace the visitors that have been referred from your link including sign-ups that are coming from your link.

  • When your commission amounts to RM100.00, you will be able to request payment by clicking on the Request Withdrawal button. The button will appear automatically once you’ve reached the amount.

  • After we have received your request to withdraw the balance, we will pay you through Maybank2U, Interbank Transfer or Paypal.

  • Yes, we do. You can download from here.