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I met Ms Hana and her colleague at their office in Klang a while ago, and decided to change my domain to their registrar and to their email hosting. Ms Hana was very helpful and knowledgeable all the way through, as my old service provider in Europe was very difficult and unhelpful to assist in the change. Finally, we got it done. Then for several settings, I went into live chat with their support team, once even at 4.30am and it’s always a person there, not a bot!!! They were all very supportive, knowledgeable and helpful. I'm so glad I changed to ServerFreak. Thank you, Ms Hana, and thanks to the whole support team.
Helmuth Heeb

WordPress Stack

LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) is the only lightweight, high-performance Apache replacement that is compatible with all major hosting control panels.

LiteSpeed Web Server

Fastest Built-in Cache

Superior performance and accuracy with ESI-enabled server level caching.

LSCache for WordPress

Intelligence + Optimisation

The best WordPress cache plugin with PageSpeed optimisation. CDN

Complete Acceleration

A global CDN that caches WordPress fully, not just images and static content.

Great features you can enjoy in an instant

15 minutes. That’s all it takes to upgrade your server to a LiteSpeed Web Server. Plus, you stand to enjoy all these unbeatable benefits.


Provides reliable support for new technologies before anyone else.

Apache Drop-in Replacement

Reads Apache config files directly, supports .htaccess, WAF.

Zero-Downtime Maintenance

Allows graceful restart and software update with zero downtime.

Event-driven Architecture

Fewer processes, less overhead and enormous scalability.

LSCache Engine with ESI

Advanced server-level cache with hole-punching through ESI.

Mass Hosting Support

Dynamic vHost setup through Redis backend or Rewrite Rules.

Asynchronous ModSecurity

Processes propular ModSecurity rulesets with maximum efficiency.

Control Panel Compatible

Integrates with cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, CyberPanel and more.

Anti DDoS Attack Protection

Defends against Layer-7 DDoS attacks of any size.

Full features in detail

Basic Features

  • HTTP/3
  • Bubblewrap support
  • TLS V1.3
  • QUIC
  • Redis
  • HTTP/2
  • HTTP 1.0/1.1 compliant
  • Scripting Languages: PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python, Java, etc
  • Server APIs: LiteSpeed SAPI (LSAPI), CGI, FCGI, AJPv13, Proxy
  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • Unlimited IP and name-based virtual hosting
  • Unlimited concurrent connections
  • Brotli Compression
  • GZIP compression
  • Support for SPDY/2, 3, and 3.1
  • WebSocket proxying
  • Runs on Linux, FreeBSD, MacOSX, Solaris

Performance & Scalability

  • Event-driven architecture
  • Hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections
  • Ability to cache POST requests
  • HTTPS / TLSv1.3 certificate compression
  • Unbeatable HTTPS performance with TLS record level optimisation
  • HTTPS/QUIC fast handshake and offload
  • Tiny memory footprint
  • Sendfile()
  • Asynchronous I/O support
  • LiteSpeed’s exclusive server API (LSAPI) delivers the best dynamic content performance
  • Unrivaled PHP suEXEC performance for shared hosting
  • Three different PHP suEXEC setups for different needs and abilities
  • Static content up to 5x faster than Apache
  • Dynamic content up to 40x faster than Apache
  • HTTPS 3x faster than Apache
  • OCSP stapling
  • Built-in page caching
  • Turbocharge Magento and other web applications with ESI support
  • Advanced .htaccess caching removes performance bottlenecks associated with .htaccess use in Apache
  • CloudLinux LVE compatibility
  • Increases scalability of web applications
  • Separation of server and web applications allows for buffering of requests and responses, leading to better handling of multiple connections
  • Just-in-time configuration cuts restart time
  • CPU affinity allows for greater use of CPU cache


  • Server-Level ReCaptcha layer-7 DDoS attacks Protection
  • Session tickets with automatic key rotation for forward secrecy
  • Support for secure websocket backend
  • Brute-force protection for wp-login.php
  • Built-in anti-DDoS connection and bandwidth throttling
  • Asynchronous ModSecurity engine
  • Compatibility with Atomic Secured Linux and Atomicorp Realtime ModSecurity Rules
  • Anti SSL BEAST and renegotiation attack capabilities
  • Strict HTTP request validation
  • Denies buffer-overrun attempts
  • CloudLinux CageFS compatibility
  • External application and full server chroot ability

Ease of Use

  • Dynamic vhost setup through Redis backend or Rewrite Rules
  • Control panel plugins (cPanel, DirectAdmin and Plesk)
  • Officially supported by cPanel
  • Intuitive WebAdmin console GUI
  • Virtual host templates for easy configuration
  • Real-time service monitoring

Advanced Features

  • Support Ruby / Python / Node.js Applications with native configuration
  • Most up-to-date high performance HTTP/3 implementation
  • Easily run multiple versions of PHP on one server
  • MS FrontPage Server Extensions
  • Geo-IP lookup
  • Stream logs to external logger
  • Custom log formatting
  • Backend load balancing
  • mp4/flv streaming

CloudLinux Compatibility

  • Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE)
  • CageFS
  • PHP Selector
  • Node.js Selector
  • Python and Ruby Selector
  • Checkpoint/Restore In Userspace (CRIU)

Apache Compatibility

  • Reads Apache’s configuration files directly
  • Drop-in Apache replacement for cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Interworx, etc.
  • Full .htaccess support
  • Compatible with Apache core modules

High Availability

  • High Availability for Redis Dynamic vHost Setup
  • Apply changes with zero downtime
  • Zero downtime server software upgrade
  • Recovers from service failure instantly

Why use LiteSpeed Enterprise?

Cloud hosting offers flexible and efficient scaling for websites. It is more dependable than traditional hosting and allows for greater customisation.

Go LiteSpeed for more power, stability and security 

LiteSpeed Web Server is among the most popular high-performance web servers in the world and the #1 commercial web server! This convenient Apache drop-in replacement is also highly compatible with all major control panels.

Faster static and dynamic content performance

LiteSpeed handles connections easily thanks to its asynchronous architecture with smart caching methodology. It also compresses pages to offer lightning fast content display with less RAM.

More capacity, less crowd 

By using less CPU and memory than Apache, LiteSpeed lets you significantly improve your server capacity. More capacity means less crowd, more stability to handle traffic spikes and optimised website performance.

Proven, high-level security

Get highly dependable website protection right out of the box. LiteSpeed particularly excels in defense against brute force and DDoS attacks. It also supports Apache’s mod_security rules.

Always evolving to bring you the best 

LiteSpeed Web Server is a product of consistent development of technologies to ensure industry-leading performance, stability and security. Don’t settle for anything less than LiteSpeed!


Free Starter

  • domain1 Domain
  • worker1 Worker
  • Memory2GB Memory
  • LSCacheLiteSpeed Cache

Site Owner

  • domain5 Domains
  • worker1 Worker
  • Memory8GB Memory
  • LSCacheLiteSpeed Cache

Site Owner Plus

  • domain5 Domains
  • worker1 Worker
  • MemoryUnlimited Memory
  • LSCacheLiteSpeed Cache

Web Host Lite

  • domainUnlimited Domains
  • worker1 Worker
  • Memory8GB Memory
  • LSCacheLiteSpeed Cache

Web Host Essential

  • domainUnlimited Domains
  • worker1 Worker
  • MemoryUnlimited Memory
  • LSCacheLiteSpeed Cache

Web Host Professional

  • domainUnlimited Domains
  • worker2 Workers
  • MemoryUnlimited Memory
  • LSCacheLiteSpeed Cache

The license you purchase does not need to match the number of cores in your server.
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Got questions?

  • LiteSpeed is a high-performance, event-driven web server software designed to improve the speed and efficiency of serving web content. It is a popular alternative to traditional web servers like Apache or NGINX.

  • It is primarily used for serving websites, accelerating web applications and improving page load times.

  • Yes, LiteSpeed Web Server is generally considered to be faster than both Apache and NGINX in certain scenarios and under specific conditions. However, the performance comparison can vary depending on the type of workload, server configuration and the specific use case.

  • Yes, LiteSpeed’s caching capabilities and faster page load times can positively impact your website’s SEO. Search engines often prioritise faster websites and LiteSpeed’s performance optimisations can help improve your search engine rankings.

  • Yes, LiteSpeed can be used by beginners. It provides a user-friendly interface and offers easy-to-use management tools. LiteSpeed also provides comprehensive documentation and support resources to assist new users in getting started.

  • LiteSpeed web server incorporates caching technologies that store static copies of web pages, reducing the load on the server and improving response times. It also optimises the handling of dynamic content, resulting in faster processing and improved scalability.

  • Yes, LiteSpeed Cache is included for free with our shared server hosting plans. It is a powerful caching plugin that helps optimise the performance and speed of your website. LiteSpeed Cache improves page load times, reduces server load and enhances the overall user experience.