How to choose between Semi-Dedicated and VPS?

Many clients get confused between the Semi-Dedicated hosting and the VPS hosting. The solution for this is it does depend on the needs of the customers ahead.

What is Semi-Dedicated and Why?

Semi-dedicated hosting and shared hosting are much similar but semi-dedicated hosting is more suitable for the medium enterprises, enterprises or corporate. In the semi-dedicated hosting there will be only few accounts on the server compare to the shared hosting.  This enables the performance and reliability as well as the server resources to be higher for the account user. It’s similar to you where you will be having more comfort, privacy, spaces to live in semi-d house with 5 – 7 tenants compare to a single storey house with 50 – 70 tenants.

What is VPS and Why?

There are a lot revolutions happening in the web hosting field every day, every seconds. VPS is one of them and consider as the subsequent invention. Because of the expenditure competent and high performance of VPS, it has been more demanding package. VPS is suitable for small or medium business. “VPS” stands for Virtual Private Server. The usage or function of the server can be defined from the name itself “virtual” which means a single physical server is divided into multiple private “virtual” servers. Each “virtual” server is totally different from another “virtual” server and here the word “private” plays it role. The client can customize the applications/ programs/ software/ technologies to be installed into their “virtual server”. The clients will have their own freedom to interact directly with the server whereby the root access enable. One of the most important point is the technical knowledge to install, set up, maintain, operate, secure the server is required.  For instance, you will be given a “virtual house” where you can construct it by yourself.  As you can build “living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, etc.” based on your needs and desires.

Semi-Dedicated vs VPS

Semi-Dedicated or VPS? It depends on your hosting needs! Both Semi-Dedicated and VPS have their own trademarks.

Semi-Dedicated hosting allows the clients to manage the web site or web page easier with minimum technical knowledge. It usually comes with support for the clients who do not have much knowledge of web hosting management. For Semi-Dedicated, since there are only a few websites hosted under the same server, the server resource allocation is better and thus it provides greater performance. What’s more is that Semi-Dedicated hosting is running on a more high-end server than shared hosting! Semi-Dedicated hosting is good for websites with sudden traffic surges such as portals, forums and blogs whose traffic peaks and bursts at random.

One of the big differences of VPS from Semi-Dedicated is that VPS offers the clients FULL root access to the server (just like having a dedicated server) at a lower cost. In other words, you will have TOTAL control over your VPS. It allows customisation where you have the option of utilizing various provided add-on scripts or installing your own custom applications. You are also allowed to create applications in whatever programming technologies installed on the server, be it PHP, ASP or Cold Fusion. Moreover, VPS is more secured due to the fact that each VPS is running in the comfort of its own isolated environment, and you are shielded from the stability and security issues originated by other users. Of course, since you have the total control over the server, you will need to have certain knowledge of server management to manage your own VPS. VPS is also a great start for the clients before moving to a Dedicated Server.

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Make the switch to great hosting today!

Enjoy a risk-free trial with our 30-day money-back guarantee!

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