Promote Your Social Media Efforts Offline

Most of the past articles discussed everything about ONLINE, ONLINE, and ONLINE Marketing.  However, we often overlook the “real world” when creating brand awareness of our online efforts. Online and Offline marketing need to be well managed simultaneously for successful campaign. We need to get people in Offline to see what we’re doing Online.

Physical space can be a good place for us to advertise our website, blogs and social media accounts. Here are some strategies that might inspire you to kick-start your brainstorm for the perfect offline efforts for your online strategy.

1. Integrate Your Web Presence into Offline Advertising

Jeweler Samuel Gordon ran this full-page magazine ad in a local publication. It includes the company’s Twitter account, Facebook Page, iPhone App and a QR code for its Android App.

Vivo Pizza even advertise the company’s Facebook Page on its brochure and menu!

2. Make Traditional Business Cards Online-Friendly

Social media-friendly business cards give others more options for connecting with you. At appbistro, employees add Twitter handles to their business cards. This makes communication so “instant”!

3. Use Your Vehicle as a Billboard

BumperTwit will help you turn your car into a billboard for your Twitter account for $7.

You can even do it for your personal Twitter account.

4. Integrate Online Components into Offline Events

Just few months back, ServerFreak had also organized an offline self photo-taking contest, FreakyFoto Contest to increase its brand awareness among youths. This contest was promoted on Twitter and Twtaway. Some of the contestants even directed their friends on Facebook to vote for their photo on our FreakyFoto site.

5. Get Creative

Sending QR code via post card is quite interesting. We can scan this unique QR code with our smart phones (i.e. Blackberry) and it may link to videos, pictures or website. Of course, just like the example shown below, you need to lead your potential customers on how to get a QR code reader since this application is still very new to the Malaysian market.

The team members from Brazilian social media agency Agencia de Sites showed up to the Social Media Brazil conference with their personal Twitter handles displayed on each of their “jerseys”.

This article is contributed by Sarah Kessler, summarized by WOW.

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Make the switch to great hosting today!

Enjoy a risk-free trial with our 30-day money-back guarantee!

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