Grow Your Business Successfully with Instagram


=Why Instagram is the social channel you need to optimize for massive growth=


Humans are visual creatures in general and there’s no denying that clients today are easily influenced by images rather than words or text. Like they say, an image speaks a thousand words, hence that’s the key reason why Instagram has grown so fast over the years and become a major social powerhouse right after Facebook. With Instagram, you can build your own followers who will then become your fan base and ambassadors to promote your brand or business. Such powerful marketing ability is one of the reasons why Instagram is considered as one of the best marketing tools for every business owner after Facebook.


Instagram Promotes Higher Engagement Rate

Instagram is a visual medium, so to build your brand you’re going to need to incorporate strong photos that will invoke higher interest from potential audience. By posting attractive photos related to your product or company brand, you stand a great chance to convert potential customers and visitors online into customers very soon. It’s an act of persuading people (or becoming an influencer) by leveraging the power of images.

Since people like and comment actively on photos or pictures that resonate with them (which is very true for fashion and apparel businesses), business owners will stand a chance to identify customer preferences, including which products are most sought after.


Instagram Allows Us to Reach Consumers of the New Millennium
Youngsters nowadays have their own Instagram account and spend more time in Instagram than Facebook. The young generations of today e.g. Gen-Y have equally good purchasing power as well so businesses must take advantage of this powerful social media platform by posting high quality images that can attract this group of people for their business and brands.

It has been reported that more websites and businesses have successfully gained higher number of visitors by having their own Instagram account.


User-Friendly i.e. Simple to Use

Are you a business owner who doesn’t have a sound graphic design knowledge? Worry not. Instagram is designed solely for people like you who have zero knowledge on computers. Instagram is created for the purpose of posting pictures so the effect functions available on Instagram will enable you to transform your photos becoming more appealing to your fans out there, thus creating an everlasting impression to your audience or potential clients.


The Power of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a hot marketing trend right now in the online marketing world.  More and more big brands are taking advantage of influencer marketing to boost sales and establish loyal customer base. There’s no denying the fact that Instagram is becoming the number one choice platform for businesses to build a solid brand name, thus now is the golden opportunity for any businesses to seize.


Autoplay Videos with Sound

Besides images, you can also play videos on Instagram. For Instagram Stories, for example the videos are set to play with the Sound On by default whereas Facebook videos are set to Sound Off by default. This difference alone is clearly an advantage for Instagram users.


Customer Targeting Made Easy with Instagram

Similar to Facebook, business owners can differentiate their fans based on location and demographic on Instagram. In addition, they can also create customer profiling for their followers easily because people tend to like and follow accounts that are relevant to their interest!


Businesses Can Now Post Ads on Instagram

With the recent changes on the Instagram platform, users can now post ads just like Facebook!  The ads on Instagram are more image centric and also allows businesses to engage with their clients easily because the posts are more clustered compared to Facebook. The timeline in Instagram is well arranged than Facebook since users on the Facebook platform have to scroll down and find your posts.


Instagram might not seem like the ideal platform for all industries – especially non-visual ones – but with the right approach, you can have success for your business. So give Instagram a try today if you still do not have an Instagram account. It’s never too late to get started!

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Make the switch to great hosting today!

Enjoy a risk-free trial with our 30-day money-back guarantee!

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