Choosing the Correct WordPress Theme for Your Online Project

Are you ready and excited to initiate a great online project? Maybe a recipe blog, a stylish fashion magazine or a fitness website? If you have decided to select WordPress as your Content Management System (CMS), then that is an excellent choice. Congratulations! The next step is to source for the right WordPress theme which fits your website requirement. In general, a suitable WordPress theme is the one that contributes to the accessibility and readability of your content and it should make your website flawless.


Your First Choice to Make – FREE or PREMIUM?

You have 2 options when deciding which WordPress theme to use – free or premium version.  There is a distinct difference between free and premium WordPress themes in terms of functionality and overall design. The theme design and functionality for free version is limited whereas the premium version is far more flexible and loaded with many customisation options. Using the premium version, you can customize and modify your theme mostly through an extensive options panel. With a premium WordPress theme, it is convenient and easy to switching styles and colors via multiple styles. In addition, you will have reliable support from the theme developer whenever you need them.


Professional or Personal Website?

This is the type of question you need to answer yourself before even beginning to write a post. If you’re planning to create a business website, then you’ll have to search for different features and options of a WordPress theme as opposed to a blog or an online magazine.  A static front page or an informative sidebar is typical features of an online magazine.  Meanwhile, with a business website, it is usually presented in an intuitive way whereas a blog is presented in a nice and neat overview of the latest blog posts.


What is Your Website/Content About?

Which content management features of your online presence you choose will depend on what kind of website you are planning to launch. If you are planning to run a simple and clean blog with maybe an image here and there, a pure and clean template would be suitable. In the example of a vivid food magazine, whereby the primary focus is on the most popular articles, a WordPress theme which allows you to create a static front page and manage a great bunch of content through custom widgets would be a really good choice.


Decision Time: Make Your Choice

At the end of the day, you will need to make a decision. Regardless which website you are planning to launch, there is a huge range of WordPress themes for you to choose from. The best bet is to choose paid WordPress theme due to its flexibility and many customisations option. If you find it difficult to decide, just think of the most essential aspects your website should contain and focus on those – like e.g. a full-width header image, a flexible layout, several color schemes or a custom background. Once you have made up your mind, you can finally start letting those creative juices flowing in your quest to producing great article content.


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