Battle between the Shared Hosting Operating Systems

Which operating system to choose? What are the differences? This common confusion will occur for the newbie in the web hosting. The answer is easy. It’s easy to choose if you know the differences and features of these two operating systems.

Linux Shared Hosting

Linux operating system is a popular choice by the clients. In fact, most of the websites are hosted on Linux due to its affordable and flexibility.  The development of Linux is one of the most prominent examples of free and open source software collaboration as it costs less for the hosting providers to install, maintain and provide support. Linux is compatible with various type of language programmings as PHP, Perl, and MySQL. These are used by the web applications such as content management system which support scripts such as WordPress, Cube Cart, phpB. This is a stable operating system as if there are problems occur within Linux can be fixed by the technical support staff of the web hosting provider. Commonly, the sites for blog, forum, gallery and e-commerce are convenient to run on Linux Hosting.

Windows Shared Hosting

If PC or laptop runs on Windows, clients have to choose Windows Shared Hosting? The answer is definitely NO.

Windows Hosting is based on the Windows operating system. Operating system is different from the PC applications. Windows Shared Hosting is expensive as the mandatory licences come with a price. Clients who wish to host on Windows Servers are mainly running applications on Windows platforms such as classic ASP and due to the fact that both are Microsoft technologies and will not function correctly on any other operating systems. Besides, Windows shared hosting services are also the only web hosting services available that can host Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access databases.

Which to Choose?

Those who need the Windows applications such as Microsoft SQL to run on their site, Windows Shared Hosting is for you. If your site is a ordinary blog/forum/company website setup using language script such as PHP and you are not an IT literate person, Linux Shared Hosting will be your best choice.

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Make the switch to great hosting today!

Enjoy a risk-free trial with our 30-day money-back guarantee!

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