5 Critical SEO Mistakes You Need to Avoid for Your Ecommerce Website


Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is one of the most important factor that determines whether your website will get searched by your target audience or ended up as a “dead” website eventually.  Most of the experts perceive that SEO is dead but even today SEO can still have a major impact on your business. Doing it in the right manner will give you the desired results – which is higher ranking and bringing in loads of traffic. On the other side, if SEO is not implemented according to guidelines it is bound to have a negative impact not just on your business but your reputation as well. Therefore, it is vital to get your basics right in order to make the most out of it.

SEO is not something that can be learned overnight. This requires deep understanding as even the biggest of the businesses can go wrong with it. You’ll be surprised that there are many e-commerce stores out there that are really good but not getting enough of targeted, quality traffic. Why is that so? This is highly likely to be caused by lack of SEO understanding and execution. If everything is implemented in the correct direction, there’s no doubt that things will work and soon the results will be visible for everyone to see.

There are various errors committed by e-commerce store owners and that’s why we have compiled a list of 5 mistakes that can potentially destroy your e-commerce business.

If you wish to stay clear from these deadly mistakes, please continue reading and understand what we are going to discuss in this article.


Mistake #1 : Incorrect URL Structure

Having a proper URL structure is key to your e-commerce store success.  Most people ignore it and that is when they make the mistake.  You need to ensure that the URL is structured in a way that focus on your primary keyword . The primary keyword is referring to the keyword used by your visitor to reach your website. Doing this correct will help to drive higher traffic to your e-commerce store.


Mistake #2 : No Product Reviews

Product reviews is considered important nowadays because people are relying on other people or past buyer’s feedback before making the final decision on whether to proceed with the purchase or not. If your products on display do not have reviews, it will surely put off potential buyers thus getting no sales. Therefore it’s important to ask your buyers to share their feedback regarding your product or shopping experience at your store. In this way, their response will certainly establish trust in other people and encouraged them to place the order from you.  That’s why reviews can play a key role in attracting people towards your e-commerce store and keeping them engaged.


Mistake #3 : No Meta Description

Meta description is referring to the information of your site which comes along with its name. When your visitor performing a search for your website, it is the Meta that shows first so if it is impressive it will have an impact on their mind.  At the same time, ensure that your Meta description do not go beyond 155 characters.  Do take note that most of the websites which do not include Meta Description will not earn a higher ranking on the search engines. Hence, if you want visitors to click on your website you need to have a Meta which is deemed necessary.


Mistake #4 : Duplicate Content

Search engines love unique content and will give higher ranking for websites that can produce unique content. That is why it is necessary that all of your product pages have unique and interesting information along with the keywords inserted at the right place. If you’re using low quality information or duplicate content, it will be difficult to improve your website ranking. You can also use duplicate content service checker such as Copyscape.com to verify whether your content is fresh and unique. More importantly, you need to ensure that your content is also catchy in nature and able to trigger the buyers to buy your product immediately as soon as they read the information about it.


Mistake #5 : Duplicate Meta Title Tags

Similar to the previous mistake which we have discussed, you need to ensure that your product page is using a completely unique page title.  If you do not have unique titles or copied other website’s title, this will be regarded as “duplicate content” and will have negative impact to both your site rank and traffic. Hence, you need to come up with unique page titles that are strikingly different.  As discussed before, you can make full use of Copyscape.com to check on the duplicity of the titles.  If possible, try to create new titles for every product pages because a difference in the title will definitely help to boost both website ranking and traffic.



We at ServerFreak believe that if you follow the above five rules diligently, you shall be able to see your e-commerce website attracting the right traffic and sales that you desired.  It all comes down to understand the basic fundamentals of SEO and execute the correct moves.  So why compromise with SEO when it is one of the most highly effective approaches to reach your objective?  I hope the 5 tips above prove to be valuable to you. With that said, I wish all the best in your business and hopefully you can carry your business to the next level.

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