Bang Gun ™
@ServerFreak thanks you for fast response and quick action :)
Bangsar Babe
Love the team at @ServerFreak. Super efficient and helpful. Thanks for making the past 2 years easy for http://t.co/ZvHX818LR8! :)
I have 2 share hosting with ServerFreak almost a year ago.The price was the first thing that caught my attention,so I tried with a buy 1 free 1 promotion.Over the year,I seldom had problem,the support was quick and the up time was brilliant.Some time,They even settle the problem even before I complain. I would continue this service soon after I get the money to renew it.
First experience with @ServerFreak Read about it! http://t.co/fq0OABDfZJ
This web host is simply good, if you go with them, you won't regret it. Do you know what Server Freak customers have in common? Completely satisfaction. A sense of fortune or luck for being part of this great host provider, call whatever you want, I feel that way. I Highly recommend it, support rarely you need it, but when is the time they are very, very professional, is the best, is exactly why Server Freak is the best host provider, their people! Go Freak!
Justin @ plazaar.com
ServerFreak excels in after-sales service, with prompt and helpful responses. These people truly understand their business. I recommend this to all my clients.
Khairul @ joomlamalaya.com
Previously I'm hosted with other hosting company. After a few search I did, I come accross ServerFreak. They offer me the hosting and reseller plan that I'm looking for. The best part is, I can made a monthly payment compared to other hosting, yearly payment method.
Our customer serving 510 online user without any loading issue on Litespeed (Package SD40000) http://t.co/RjmKxuz3ey http://t.co/6aUkFeNYSQ
K. Λ.
@9VSQA im using @ServerFreak. So far support mmg terbaik dan pantas. Most of my website mmg guna WordPress. Good cms as you just admit.
Adzlan Syazni
Fuhh harap2 masalah email ni dah selesai. Team serverfreak mmg terbaik. Support webserver terbaik pernah aku jumpak!
Leow Tze Sheng
@ServerFreak has the best customer service and tech support. Swift response & problems solved in 1 ticket, no other hosting co. can do this.
@serverfreak ni hantar tiket malam pun diorg reply, fuhh, terbaiklah.
Mohd Azahar
@ServerFreak SaYa SUKA ServerFreak WordPress http://t.co/LTzblWd2st
Chris Wong
@zzeed @ServerFreak. Been good so far.
Bangsar Babe
Thank you Josh from @ServerFreak, for rescuing my blog. :)
Aiman Maulana
ServerFreak, you reply really fast and that's an A+ in my book, you got yourself a new customer.
Orang Akaun
So the rumors I've heard was true. @serverfreak support respond are fast as lightning speed.
@ServerFreak top-notch customer service. Highly recommended for every Malaysian SME out there.You'll have an angel on your internet venture.
Zulhilmi Zainudin
@ServerFreak we at @binablogsendiri always recommend you as the best hosting for blogging!
Hafizadt Ghazali
Power lah @ServerFreak, laju betoi buat kerja. Cuti cuti gini pun.
Baru transfer domain http://t.co/3IZzuAaJL3 kepada @ServerFreak. Kenapa tukar? Sebab banyak added value :-).
@ServerFreak superb after sale service, thumbs up, recommended by vkeong.
Julie Koh @ purplelab.net
My site was hacked some time on the night of 7 January 2013. I only realized that it was hacked at around 12AM on 8 January 2013. I submitted a support ticket to the Support at 12:17AM. In less than 45 minutes, the team promptly responded telling me they already ran a scan to my website's files and found malware. They gave me some solutions, which I thought was quite technical to me. We emailed back and forth, and they patiently 'coached' me into what to do. They even provided solutions to prevent future hacks. I understand that no one can guarantee websites to be hack-free, however ServerFreak gave me assurance that they are always ready to assist 24/7. My site was up in about 3 hours. I am grateful that I am with ServerFreak!
Lutfi Torla
@ServerFreak Hahaha, I was gonna complain that my site was down, but 2 minutes later it's up and running again. Can't even complain...
Reginald Chan
Thanks to @ServerFreak site migration is pretty ready. Much more to come in the coming hours!
Justin Chen ✞
If you are looking for a web host, @ServerFreak is the one, Malaysian hosting company with extremely fast, reliable and superb service. (Y)
Kenapa anda perlu memilih serverfreak?kerana Serverfreak merupakan penyedia web-hosting yang terbaik di Malaysia. Sudah pasti anda akan berpuas hati dengan perkhidmatan dan layanan mereka terhadap apa yang anda inginkan. Sepanjang saya menggunakan perkhidmatan mereka,ianya memberi kepuasan,dan saya tidak perlu lagi risau dengan masalah yang bakal menanti,disebabkan Serverfreak akan membantu dengan secepat mungkin dan menyelesaikan masalah tersebut. Setiap 24 jam Serverfreak akan berada disisi anda jika anda menghadapi kesulitan. Jadi dengan perkhidmatan yang terbaik diberikan oleh Serverfreak saya akan terus bersama mereka,Kerana saya telah membuat pilihan yang bijak! anda bila lagi?
Khairul Anam
Customer Services ServerFreak Memang Pantas http://t.co/iSrHwuw8WB via @zulseffort
Mohd Fairuz Md Jahrom
10/10 support..
Thanks to @ServerFreak and @CloudFlare @cloudflarefor trying to resolve the site issue. It is up and running now and thank you again!
Constance Ann
@CheCheh I emailed them and they added bandwidth instantly without having me pay first! Tenkiu @ServerFreak! T___T
shahroll SH
@lizarazak @ServerFreak tokey SF ni Sam. Dia mmg best...
Hafiz Adam Azlan
@perubatan have been the worst customer for @serverfreak. requesting backup restore every month and always being entertained every time haha
30minutes Issue has been fixed. TQ @ServerFreak Hosting terbaik http://t.co/3KDwqf9y0n
Dmitri Slovenski
@ServerFreak Thanks. Just did. You guys reply so fast.
Faizal Fredley
Wow Servis Serverfreak memang mantap...Jam 3.30 Pagi pun boleh reply email customer lagi....
Syafiqah Rusli
Really fast respond, great service
Arham Zulqarnaen S.
Tahniah @ServerFreak, support yang awesome. Got problem, submit ticket...and viola.. dpt prompt reply thru email dan boleh access dah (Y)
Hosting provider terbaik yg pernah aku guna ialah @ServerFreak bahagian support cukup pantas buat kerja, bhagian admin pula mudah berunding.
That was fast @ServerFreak. Less than 5 mins after payment hosting up and running with dns propagated. http://t.co/Cm4cr8A2Wv
Nak beli domain ? hosting ? try @ServerFreak ..puas hati tahap dewa.. sedikit review http://t.co/kUMfq2rRTM
Alhamdulillah, hari ni genap 7 hari hosting http://t.co/cqjDOh5Kgz di @ServerFreak, langsung xda masalah. :) Laju!! http://t.co/cbAPZn0108
Seriously urusan dengan @ServerFreak sgt mudah dan efisien! Siapa nak beli domain beli kat dorang ye!
Khairul Zamri™
Terima Kasih ServerFreak: http://t.co/2b8Pz1M3tN via @khairulzamri
Naziman Azlye
Hari ini tahun kedua bersama ServerFreak bermakna beberapa hari lagi blog http://t.co/wvtuxAVF9Z akan genap berumur 2 tahun.
Imran Ismail
10/10 Recommended, GOOD CRM!
Khairul Zamri™
Serverfreak tbaik #SBDdB13
Wan Muhamad Asyraf
Best support hosting, One of the fastest. Recommended for usage!!
ServerFreak's messenger helpdesk support is very convenient during my office hours. Fastest response among others hosting providers that we are subscribing currently. I would recommend my clients to use ServerFreak's services.
Faizal Fredley
Serverfreak Hosting Terbaik Malaysia: http://t.co/2zbAfpZ6mo
hantar tiket kat @ServerFreak tak sampai 3 minit dah balas..." Dear Kak Jie ... done" Terimakasih Sam
Izzat Aziz 
Aku dah lama guna serverfreak, bertahun, jarang sangat ada masalah. Kalau ada pun aku dah lupa sebab minor dan jarang.
Ismail Nz
Thank u @ServerFreak for helping to protect my wordpress blog from serious brute force attack recently. #besthosting
Hafiz Adam Azlan
happy new year @ServerFreak thanks for being an excellent support team during 2014. keep up the good work! http://t.co/KjuFjZ00Nd
தேன்னரசு மனோகரன்
Very Excellent Service provider ..highly recommended
Dayve Benggon-Rampas
Paid my @ServerFreak bills just now, and they made me freaking happy with their fast confirmation! I love you, SF!
@ServerFreak You guys totally rock! I love your support. Best hosting company in MY.
Siew Wai Hung
Excellent customer support even at midnight. They helped me migrate from another host quickly and seamlessly. Thanks!
Jennifer Hew
Having difficulty on setting up your blog? Fear not! #serverfreak is here to solve your problem! With… http://t.co/DZO24U3iOd
Bill Keong
amazing support team. haven't seen such service levels before. :)
Ejam Othman
mereka yg menggunakan hosting @serverfreak sudahkan anda cek cpanel anda, saya sudah dpt free upgrade ke 10GB :) thx SF.
@ServerFreak Awesome as always (Y)
Zurairi AR
Kudos to @ServerFreak for the instant reply to my XML-RPC enquiries. Solved the whole issue in less than 10 mins.
Mohamad Zahir
Aku bg 5 bintang ++ utk team @ServerFreak nih..diorang pnya support team/admin memang terbaik prnah aku jumpa..keep up the good work guys..
Jensen Hearing @ jensenhearing.com
Thank you for providing stable and fast servers. Upgraded WordPress to 3.9 on Rxxxxxxt host vs ServerFreak host. Same versions upgrade and ServerFreak was faster by a full 40 seconds ahead. So glad we're hosted here. Keep up the good work.
Glad @ServerFreak guys are working on it. Pretty fast response rate.
Superb services by @ServerFreak thank you for all your assistance. My problem solved at this time by their support team.
@shahroll @ServerFreak Sam & staff memang terbaik. tabah dia layan problem client. hehehehe
Khairul Hafiz
pantas betul @ServerFreak buat kerja. emel dibalas sepantas kilat..
Serverfreak is a great web hosting. Supports are available almost 24/7. server uptime is almost 99% except maintenance periods. A great web hosting with good uptime and low price.
OK.. making an email migration. Praying for the best. I know the @ServerFreak guys are rock solid on this.
Very impressed with @ServerFreak's hosting service. One of the best hosting companies I've dealt with so far.
Arman Zakariah
They responded to my ticket in 8 minutes, with "Solved". And I'm happy. Thanks! @ServerFreak
Customer Services ServerFreak Memang Pantas: Blog ini dihoskan di Serverfreak. Hosting blog di... http://t.co/gc8kHAbRvS via @Zulseffort
Tq for ur prompt respond n great service @ServerFreak !! ...now I have my own http://t.co/IBvvAKuei7 http://t.co/8sxXLSWe2Q
Cacphy Foong
Fast Efficient. Well Done. Hopefully will keep this service ahead.
ServerFreak Web Hosting Among The Best Server in Malaysia http://t.co/rc50qkSXIn
S.Ravivarma @ scintell.com
ServerFreak team replies to technical problems the fastest ever so far I've seen in my history of using various hosting sites. Their responses are immediate and prompt, sometimes I begin to think " They stay awake, so that our site doesn't sleep". So far, a wonderful experience using their VPS services. I would recommend everyone to give ServerFreak a try. It's worth every Penny of it.
Syeda Razlin
excellent customer service. :D :D :D any new promotion for domain?
Gary @ mybook-exchange.com
Great hosting site with very good support. Friendly system administrators! Furthermore, all these come at a very affordable price. Support has been one of the major advantage that i will look forward in extending my subscription with ServerFreak!
I am one of the new customer for Serverfreak.. the admin has provided the best service i ever had before. Especially on index script.. I have searched it for a long time .. and now the admin just gave me like that. I was so happy that day and now I'm planning to tell everyone about this good server with a good service from the admin...
Azrizam Mansor @ wpthemeslabs.com
As a direct customer myself with two websites hosted with ServerFreak, all I can say is, excellent from the word go. They are dedicated suppliers, who take time to listen to their customers and are always willing to help. I have to admit my knowledge of servers is very limited, but ServerFreak and its staff have helped me every step of the way. Great service and a great company, I would highly recommend!
Arman Zakariah
Successfully moved to the new hosting. Thanks to @ServerFreak
Syahzul @ syahzul.com
I've been using so many web hosting, including some big names, but I can say that ServerFreak is different. Their support staff is friendly, very helpful, and their package is flexible and affordable. I cannot speak highly enough of this company. Go subscribe now. You will NOT be disappointed.
After a year of monitoring, my website is running smooth, SEO rank
improved, my business increased.
ServerFreak is a hosting company, that every serious e-commerce owner
should consider.
Thanks for such high quality hosting services.
Bobby Leong
Affordable web host with superb service and support. The servers are also very well maintained and offers very good uptime! Sam was very helpful and patience with all my questions. He'll “go-the-extra-mile” to deliver excellent service and support to all his customers. Will I continue to host with Serverfreak? Definitely Yes!
mananya aku tak sayang dekat @ServerFreak ni dah 5 tahun woi.hantar ticket, tak sampai 2 minit dah reply, tak sampai 30 mins prob dah setel!
Tahun Kedua AUC bersama ServerFreak http://t.co/V9jBJTpqGP
Alhamdulillah baru sudah renew hosting, memandangkan @serverfreak servis tiptop dan xpernah menghampakan so makanya saya masih stay dgn SF
En Zam
@ServerFreak Tabik springggg...dan terima kasih untuk spec server yang baru...serverfreake memang terbaik...
We wrap up 2013 with the luncheon dengan the big boss of #ServerFreak . Good year to end alhamdulillah. http://t.co/ENBTKeUja4
Khairul Anam
Blog ada masalah tak boleh login dashboard.. Aku pun submit ticket pada Serverfreak pukul 12:05 PM.. 12:07 PM @ 2... http://t.co/4I4lTcz0UD
Bangsar Babe
Up again: Top 10 Food to Eat in Penang! Stupid malware. Thank you @ServerFreak for helping. :) http://t.co/l0Oo6p6LIF
Hafizadt Ghazali
suka betoi aku dengan @serverfreak, 3-4 pagi pun balas tiket. depa ni tak tidoq ka?

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