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All ServerFreak servers are securely located within 5 first class datacenters. AIMS and TMnet in Malaysia, GNAX in US.

These datacenters have multiple redundant OC-3 and Gigabit Ethernet connections from providers such as Global Crossing, PCC-BTN, SAVVIS, Telia and the Atlanta Internet Exchange. Border Gateway Protocol is used, allowing the network to remain up and functional if one or more of the providers were to experience difficulties.

All 5 enters also have ultra high bandwidth connection to the internet:

AIMS, IDC - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
PLT, CX2 - Cyberjaya, Malaysia
Netmyne - Cyberjaya, Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Colo4Dallas - Dallas, US
WebNX - Los Angelas, US

Each data centre has to conform to our rigid specifications which are listed below:

Electrical & Power Systems

To ensure your success, our systems are designed with the latest dual-fed power sources from the main power grid to power sockets to provide the maximum power available. Power grid feeds are fully parallel redundant (N+1), supported by lower input harmonics Uninterrupted Power System (UPS) with dual feed redundant secondary switchboards and critical load distribution boards.

All power sockets are powered by dual bus-bar systems with dedicated protection for total flexibility and high availability. The facility is also supported by multiple back-up diesel generators with full load capacity that can continue to power the data centre for months, in the unlikely event of a prolonged power cut.

Environmental Control

Our independant Precision-Air-cooled Systems, eliminate the high risk of water being present in the data centre. The centre is maintained at a pleasant 22°C with 50% humidity. This constant temperature provides an idyllic working environment for our equipment and N+1 redundancy.

Raised Flooring System

Raised flooring provides easy access to data points and improved airflow for the network. To remove any possibility of ‘hot spots’ within the racks, we have installed under floor air distribution. This allows for even cooling of the entire data centre.

Service Redundancy

In maintaining a data centre, redundant equipment is a good thing. This means that there is spare equipment that will take over (at least two of everything), in the event of any system failure. Our data centre boasts of redundant air-conds, diesel generators, ISP connections and UPS systems. This will ensure your system keeps running, even if any equipment fails.

Multiple-ISP Connection

All data centres are connected to the major local ISPs and some international ones. In the event that the link goes down from any of the ISPs, the others will automatically take over.

Water Detection System

To keep your system high and dry, we have a line sensor water detection system. The system covers the walls and drainage area. In the event of leakage, an early warning is sent to the Network Operation Centre.

Fire Detection System

All equipment is safeguarded by a fire detection and suppression system called FM200. This system uses an environmentally friendly gas to estinguish the flames within a minute detection. To further protect your data and equipment, the gas used to control the fire is non-corrosive. Even after a fire has been extinguished, the facility remains fully operational.


We, at ServerFreak understand that equipment and data security are vital to your business. As such, there are surveillance cameras that monitor every section of the centre. No one can enter the facility without our knowledge. Once inside, we can trace the every move of visitors via access card systems and biometric fingerprint scanners. On top of that, the Network Operation Centre is monitored by security guards 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

24 Hour Systems Monitoring and Prevention

We believe that you can never have enough security. We have a round-the-clock Facility Monitoring System to solve any potential problems before they escalate. We monitor the power supply, air conditioning, temperature settings, fire detection & suppression system, water detection system as well as the generators. Nothing is left to chance.

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